Monday, December 08, 2008

10 Honest Things

I got this from Hope, although she didn't tag me - I just read it and decided I wanted to do it myself. I laughed my head off at her list. I don't know if mine will be funny but here goes.

1. I love clothes. All my life in my head I identified myself as a tom-boy who thought of make-up and clothes and shopping with disdain as if I was above it all. Now I know that I love being a girl, and shopping, and trying on fantastic boots and clothes (my mother will no doubt gasp in shock as my whole growing up I hated trying stuff on in the store)...I love wearing make-up and looking pretty. I would spend a lot of money on that stuff if I had money to spend...

2. Whenever I get sick, I want chips and salsa, and a Coke. Those are my comfort foods for some reason and they always make me feel better no matter what is wrong with me...headache, cold or flu. In fact, Coke is my soft-drink of choice in almost any situation, but I don't like Pepsi. At all.

3. I hate eating by myself - unless I have something to read. So, for the last year and a bit, "Bridget Jones' Diary" has been my almost-exclusive table reading material. I've read it straight through at least four times, and have skipped through it a few times besides that. I love that book. It never ceases to be amusing.

4. I enjoy almost every movie I watch. In fact, I can only think of a few off-hand that I didn't get sucked into. One was "End of Days" because I laughed when Arnold Schwarzenegger was having an emotional moment about his dead wife, and the other two were horrid Christian movies we watched at youth group. One was a Christian version of "The Fast and the Furious" and it made me want to gouge out the eyes of our youth group leaders. It was truly horrible, and we watched it instead of "Finding Nemo" because "Finding Nemo" was too controversial. WTF, people.

5. I think it's a good thing that I'm not rich because I think I'd be a materialistic person. Let me clarify: I am a materialistic person but I can't indulge because I'm too poor. My financial situation makes me aware of my weaknesses, so I can hopefully grow out of it.

6. I love seeing people in love. It makes me happy to see couples holding hands, dancing, smiling together. I'm not sure why but it warms my heart and makes me happy.

7. There is a sign at work that says, "Thank you, for staying with us. Please remember to return your keys." Every time I see it I want to fix that errant comma. It drives me mental. This is my standard response to typographical errors of all kinds. The 2008 Rosebud Theatre Season Program had so many mistakes in it that I wanted to crawl under my bed and hide while simultaneously lighting all of the copies on fire and reducing them to ashes before they were sold to the public.

8. I took the colour personality test (go to to take it yourself). I'm a very strong Blue, with Green as my second colour. I secretly believe that I am actually Green by nature and Blue by nurture...or at least that I'm a stronger Green than the test revealed. I often find myself wanting to spew out facts when in conversation but I restrain myself. It's a little ironic because when I was growing up, my middle brother (who I suspect is Green) would share facts and 'useless details' and I'd harass him about it, only to discover years later that I am more like him than I'd ever admitted. Sorry, D1.

9. I like listening to music when I'm driving. More specifically, I like listening to Top 40 radio when I'm driving. Not only do I listen to it, I get all defensive about listening to it, because I wish I was one of those people who listened to cool Indie music and had more sophisticated tastes in music. Justin Timberlake has good driving music, okay?

10. I am a hopeless romantic but I don't read a lot of poetry because - gasp - it doesn't hold my interest. Or I don't like it. Or I don't get it. Instead I remember stuff like what Luke and Lorelei said the first time they kissed in Gilmore Girls, or what Susan Saranden said about marriage in "Shall We Dance?". That is my poetry. A part of me suspects that's sad. Another part of me doesn't care.

So there you have it. If you want to share 10 Honest Things about yourself, go for it. Leave a comment here and I'll go read them!