Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Need To Write More

Not just here, but in general.

I woke up today with a migraine and a really sore neck. No special reason, just that time of the month. I love/hate that my migraines have only two triggers - stress and hormones. At least they're more predictable that way.

I rearranged my room a bit today too. That was fun, and now my room is clean for the first time in a long time. It relaxed me and now I have space to write on my desk. I'm like my mom that way - a flat surface is like a paper magnet. I seem to have little control over it - it just happens.

And I read today too, while eating cherries and drinking Coke. An odd mix, you may think, but when I have a migraine I am drawn to Coke like an addict, and it helps. It's probably psychosomatic, but it helps. I just discovered S M Stirling, and I'm enjoying my library card immensly.

My brother is getting married in 24 days. It isn't real yet, and won't be until I see it happen, but these things never are. How strange! My younger brother tying the knot. Well, now perhaps I'll get nieces and nephews to spoil rotten!

I suppose I should go back home and write something else - work on the play I'm writing, or the book(s) - and eat some more substantial fare. Cherries are great but they don't keep you going for long.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Secret Thoughts of A Tour Guide

This morning I woke up feeling like a giant spring had coiled up in my chest overnight. It grew tighter as the morning went on, making it hard to breathe and blocking my emotions while simultaneously making me want to lash out in cruelty and weep uncontrollably.

As I opened the site four people went walking on without admission stickers. Here is our conversation:

Me: Do you folks have your admisssion stickers?

Them: No.

Me: Well, there is an admission to be on site, so -

Them: We got here when it was closed.

Me: Well, that doesn't really matter. We're open now, so -

Them: That's okay. We're leaving.

Me: Well fuck you too then.

In all honesty, I muttered that last sentence to myself while I walked away. But I did say it.

I spent the whole day avoiding as many people as possible and harshly judging the rest of them, except the few who won their way into my good graces by being exceptional tourists and interesting people. The father of the little annoying boy who couldn't shut up while I talked was not one of those people. Neither was the father of the other annoying little boy on my other tour. It was a rough day.

When I realized I was PMSing it all clicked together in a way that almost made me cry. It was so nice to have an explanation for why I suddenly, thoroughly, deeply hated everyone around me.

Hormones. Gotta love 'em.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

School's Out, For Ever!

I'm done school! I passed my Oral Exam and am now a Guild Member!

How cool is that? I've wanted to be a member of a guild since I was 9 and now I am.



...for not posting. The internet at my house is not very reliable anymore and after I'm done work I'm too lazy to walk to the office to post. Not a good excuse but there it is.

I've been working as a tour guide at a historic site. I'm at the point where I want to make stuff up on the tour - "And here we have a cart that the dwarves would ride in on their way to transform the coal in the mine into licorice candy, which we still sell today in the gift shop." or "These pigeons are the souls of miners who didn't fill their quota and were then trapped in this form until they could pick up the rest of their unloaded coal with their teensy beaks. Wave to the tormented miners, everybody! They taste like chicken!" - stuff like that.

But I don't. People tend to get upset if they don't feel they're getting their $7.00 worth. At least, the ones who pay do. Today I had two men whom I labled "The Stickerless Goons" because they tagged onto the end of my tour and then, when I caught them without proof of admission, looked all pleased with themselves for not paying. And did they go pay after the tour, like I told them to? No. Of course not.

At least no one cried on my tour. S. made two children cry by telling them a ghost story. One of our co-workers did the same thing a few days ago. What is with children in this day and age? Brats and whiners and cry-babies all. And no dogs shat (yes, shat, it's a word) on the train when I drove it. And there was no little girl sticking her hand up at every opportunity to ask "Can this be over now?" (starting two minutes in. I kid you not.), this time.

I know it takes all kinds but sometimes - I just want to bash some heads.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Storm Season

We've been getting some amazing storms here lately.

A few days ago the lights flickered while I was typing so I turned off the computer and went outside. The clouds were rolling - literally rolling - over, covering a blue, blue sky with grey and dove-purple and green and orange. Tornado clouds, but they were moving so fast the funnels got ripped apart before they could get started. I kept exclaiming, "Look! They're so beautiful!" while S. tried to text his roommate on his new cell phone, and then tried to get the camera part to work so he could take pictures. He is a cell phone person now, everything he's ever hated, but I think it's funny and he does need a phone. Anyway, as I exclaimed and he took photos, I looked up and saw the petals of flowers falling from an orange sky, backlit and beautiful. As they landed they turned into rain drops and soaked me.

It was worth it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Damn Internet

It is only working sporadically. Hence the lack of posts.

Yesterday a lady on my tour took a photo of an orb with a face in it. It gave me shivers.

Today nothing interesting happened - just like King Louie XIV, 'rien' is today's blog note.

What happened in your lives today?