Monday, October 22, 2012

No Visitors

Today I took Z. for a walk.  I learned a few things - she's much less of a wuss about cold weather than I am.  I guess that's all I learned, really.  That and I should have worn a toque.  My ears hurt when I go out in the cold without one.

On our walk I saw a house with a paper taped to the door.  "NO VISITORS".  It strikes me as an odd sign.  No solicitors, sure.  No junk mail, no sales people, no Jehovah's Witnesses or door to door evangelists.  But no visitors?

I hope that person isn't sad and lonely.  I hope they just couldn't figure out how to spell solicitors.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Shit Just Got Real

My mom has cancer.  For real this time.

That makes it sound like she's calling me up all the time, being all like, oh, I've got cancer!  Haha!  Psych!

Just to clarify, she doesn't do that.

The reason I say 'for real this time' is because a few months ago the doctors mixed her test results with someone else's and told her she had cancer.  Days before they were scheduled to cut off her boob they realized their mistake.  They did some extra tests to be extra-special-sure, and this lump, this 'for real' cancer lump, was one they hadn't even noticed before.

They gave her the option of having it removed, or ignored.  "It's probably benign," they said.

She said something along the lines of "Get the fucker out of me.  Now."

So they did.

And this fucker is malignant.

They think they got it all.

I hope they're right.

But they're kinda batting a shit average right now.