Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Storm Season

We've been getting some amazing storms here lately.

A few days ago the lights flickered while I was typing so I turned off the computer and went outside. The clouds were rolling - literally rolling - over, covering a blue, blue sky with grey and dove-purple and green and orange. Tornado clouds, but they were moving so fast the funnels got ripped apart before they could get started. I kept exclaiming, "Look! They're so beautiful!" while S. tried to text his roommate on his new cell phone, and then tried to get the camera part to work so he could take pictures. He is a cell phone person now, everything he's ever hated, but I think it's funny and he does need a phone. Anyway, as I exclaimed and he took photos, I looked up and saw the petals of flowers falling from an orange sky, backlit and beautiful. As they landed they turned into rain drops and soaked me.

It was worth it.

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