Thursday, August 24, 2006

An Unofficial Poll

About five weeks ago I began asking people in my town, “What is your definition of making out?” I started asking because I figured this was something I needed to know, and I’ve continued asking because I’ve been getting such great answers and besides, I’m extremely curious. I’ve decided to post these answers for your enjoyment – and I’m extending an invitation to join in and post your definitions too.

Here are the answers I’ve received so far.

  • Anything more than normal kissing – French kissing is making out.
  • Kissing from the neck up. Heavy petting, although it may be simultaneously occurring, is a completely different (and wonderful) thing.
  • Anything the girl is comfortable doing that isn’t sex.
  • Kissing – people should keep their hands to themselves until they’re engaged.
  • Hands under clothing.
  • Kissing with hands over clothing, and grindage of bodies. Underwear doesn’t count as clothing.
  • If time has gone by without you noticing, you’ve been making out.
  • Horizontal kissing.
  • Involved kissing.
  • Intimate physical contact with intention.
  • Full out making love.
  • Really intense kissing.
  • Anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable doing in public.
  • Kissing, primarily. Heavy petting belongs to a different commitment level.

I’ve asked 16 people so far, and although I cannot remember every single response, these are the ones that stand out. As you can see, there is a common idea but there are some extremes too.

As for my definition? [a delicious smirk and a giggle…] Well, I think I’m going to have to conduct a little more research before I know that for sure.


Whispering Heart said...

Anything more than normal kissing – French kissing is making out.

yups i agree (:}

Jen said...

this was a good idea. it's neat to see how others interperate things.

Anonymous said...