Saturday, December 01, 2007

63 Compliments for under a Dollar

I received 63 compliments from the 13-year-old boys in the cast last night. Between the 3 of them, I heard everything from “Why don’t you have a halo?” (my personal favourite) to “You drink water well” and “Your grin looks good on you”. I was complimented on my tooth-brushing abilities, my teeth, my eyes (which are not only as blue as the sea and the sky but reminiscent of stars), my lips, my acting and singing; I was told I would win the World’s Next Top Model and Canadian Idol, that I make everything I wear look good, and that I am witty and as wise as the sea. I was told that if the alphabet could be reorganized “I’d put U and I together” and that I’d make a great girlfriend. They also liked my laugh.

No, I did not spike their water with love potion. It all started when one of them asked me if I’d give him a nickel for every compliment; when I said no, he asked for 2 cents, and when faced with another rejection he settled for one. I have a load of pennies I’ve been wanting to get rid of so – somewhat to his surprise I think – I agreed. Then another one of them heard of the plan, so with the spark of competition they jumped head-long into it. The third boy hasn’t joined the race but he’s the winner as far as quality goes – he’s responsible for my favourite one, which he tossed out after listening to the other two go at it for five minutes.

I’ve made some rules. After they both got to around 25 I decided that they can only give me one compliment at a time – one before the show, one at intermission, one after the show, etc. – which I hope will not only up the quality but will make it easier for me to remember the good ones and record them later.

So far it’s worked rather well. And if nothing else, at the end of this, I’ll have a rather inflated ego, I’ll have gotten rid of all my pennies, and the 13-year-olds will have a better idea of what to say to woo their own fair maidens. It’s a win-win situation for me and they learn something constructive. If the next generation of girls gets blessed/plagued with verbose guys that’s just how it has to be.

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wilsonian said...

lol... :) This is fabulous. I wish I knew some 13 year olds... ;)