Friday, March 28, 2008

Life Lately

Just as an update on my life...

I handed in my portfolio - so I'm done school!
I'm getting ready to go to Emerge, which is a province wide audition in April.
I'm Stage Managing for my friend L.'s final project, which means taking care of a budgie between rehearsals. His name is Barry and he likes men better than women. It really suits the play, in ways I can't begin to explain because I don't have enough time.
I have to decide where I'm going to work this summer but I have some options which make me happy.
I'm in a play in May, in Calgary - Craving by Delphine Brooker, at Fire Exit Theatre - and I'm excited about that!

Life is good.

Especially because I don't have to live on pancakes.


wilsonian said...

Congratulations on finishing school! What a great achievement :)

I look forward to reading about what unfolds...

Duckie said...

Is this your first play outside of school?! Congrats!!

Pru said...

It is! It's really wonderful to get my face, name and skills out there in the Calgary theatre community.