Monday, March 22, 2010


Somebody pray for me.

Pray that bitterness and mistrust won't overwhelm certain friendships; that anger and frustration won't overwhelm certain partnerships; pray that I will find some light in this and some hope, and that I will find some faith to keep moving forward.

Because it seems like a pointless fight right now, the day after it all, and I am having a hard time moving forward.

Maybe it's too soon to even try. But even so, I don't want to get stuck here.

So pray for me, because I think I need it.


Erin Wilson said...

You got it.

Erin Wilson said...

(just wanted to say that the prayer thing wasn't a one-shot deal)


ps. my word verification is prubana. I wonder if you have your own festival... sort of like caribana ;)

Pru said...

Thanks. I think it's helping...I'm working through the sea of emotions this 'postponed' project has brought up in me.

Of course I have my own festival! The Prubana is a 12 day festival of joy and hilarity that happens on a different, randomly chosen 12 day period every year.