Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My Day

My neck has been twinge-ing all day, as in, I move my head at all and my neck says, haha, nope.  Bad idea.

I must have slept on it funny, although I don't remember kinking my head completely over to one side at any point during the night like an exorcist's nightmare.

It didn't stop me from being productive, it just slowed me down.  As in, I only cleaned one bathroom instead of both of them.  I walked slower on the way to the dog park.  I had to take more ergonomic breaks from the computer while researching immigrant cultures (and really, who's bright idea was it to make a display about immigrant cultures?  Oh right.  Mine).

And now, when Z. wants to destroy my Stephen King novels until I get her another facecloth to ruin (she's already killed three of them), I'm going to have to compromise and get her to play with something else.  I just don't think I can play tug-of-war right now.


I also made delicious, delicious Vietnamese noodle bowls for supper.  I am super impressed with myself over this.  Mine had shrimp and S. had chicken - he doesn't like shrimp.  I've never bought or prepared shrimp before so I went with pre-cooked, frozen ones.  They were pretty good, speaking as an amateur shrimp eater.  The whole meal was fricken amazing, speaking as someone with a lot of experience eating food.


I am getting way too interested in television series on Netflix.  I've got several on the go - The 4400, Sherlock, House of Cards.  I've made a deal with myself.  If I haven't written at least one scene (or, if I'm working on my novel, if I haven't made steady progress for an hour) then I can't watch Netflix.  So far it's working.  I'll get that damn play finished yet.  The novel too.  Watching television is a strong motivator.  Who knew?

And on that note, I'm going to go write another scene.  House of Cards won't watch itself, you know.

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