Monday, April 08, 2013


For the last month I've spent what seems like every waking moment either at work or at rehearsal/shows.  It's been fun but what a busy, hectic time!

I don't think S. and I can do another run like that - with both of us gone all the time the house kinda fell apart.  No clean dishes, no clean clothes, no-one to hang out with Z...she started moping and shaking every time we brushed our teeth, thinking we were going to leave her again.  She's pretty good at noticing our 'leaving the house' routine, although her 'cause and effect' logic is a little faulty.

But I'm glad we had the chance to do the show anyway, and I'm glad we had a chance to see what happens to us when we're both that crazy busy.

For the record, what happens is we fight a lot.  Now we know.  I think next time we get in that situation we'll be able to manage it better.

I hope.

I'm going into rehearsals for another show starting tonight.  A little part of me thinks I'm insane because I'm also trying to plan a wedding and get all of that stuff done.  Another part of me thinks it's just another month and then I'll be into a regular schedule again.

I think it'll be fine.

I've also had three different stories floating through my mine, all ones I've worked on and need to finish.  It's been impossible to find time to write - here or anywhere else - and I've noticed it.  It's pulling my brain into little pieces.  I wonder if it's been beneficial because I've put time into thinking; maybe it's been detrimental because I haven't caught all of my thoughts on the page.

So I'm going to go capture some of those thoughts.

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