Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New York, New York

Well, not exactly. I'm actually in Massachusetts right now, alone. Most of my friends have gone to a local pub to relax before we head out early tomorrow morning. If I hadn't spent most of the afternoon either crying or trying to relax my cried out muscles I'd probably have gone with them, but cigarette smoke is the last thing that I need right now so here I am in front of a computer screen...because eye strain won't hurt me in the least. So much for that excuse.
I was in a Shakespeare workshop all day. It was wonderful, so much better than I expected...I made a break through with my voice and found a power I didn't know how to access before. I will be able to access it again. Thank God for Dave and Lady Anne's grief.
I'll be sad to leave here. The Shakespeare Company are situated in a lovely place. I can almost kid myself into thinking it's out in the country, far from vehicles and noise. Well, the noise part is true but there is a highway not too far away. But the trees! Ahh, the trees, they block most of the noise out. And Rico's cooking - far far better than the best New York hotdog. Nothing against the culture, but roast pork loin, blueberry pie, roasted seasoned potatoes...mmm. I don't eat this well at home.
But tomorrow we head back to the busy city of New York for a day, a day that hopefully I'll be able to get to Ellis Island on because last time I tried the wind had shut the ferry down. At the very least I'll be able to mail the post cards I bought for my family in Canada.
And now I really should go to bed. Breakfast at 7:30 seems retardedly early but for Rico, I'll do it.

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