Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Second Day of School

Before you start to get used to this, know that I have no intention of keeping you posted on a day to day basis of what I am doing in school. Why? Because that would be very boring.

Not because I think you aren't interested in what I might be doing in school, but because I am not really doing anything. Today my school consisted of coming to the office to see what my schedule was exactly...three classes. That's what I have this month, ladies and gents. Three classes. Dance (which I'll have to take it easy in because of the mono), Chorale (which is an audit) and Chapel, which isn't really a class but I have to attend anyway. Now, in October I begin rehearsals for the next show I'm in and then in November I begin another class...but this month I get to take it easy and get my health back. Thank God.

So now that I've kept you up to date I think I will go home and eat and read. I must keep up my education, after all.

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