Saturday, May 03, 2008

Good Day

I'm trying Safari on my computer.  The more I have to do with Macs and their software, the more I like them.  I think when I have to replace this computer, I'll get a Mac.

Speaking of replacing things - I think I need to get a smaller car.  Mine is still in good shape and runs really well - especially when you consider it has 293,000 kilometers on it - but with gas prices going the way they are, I just can't afford to drive it anymore.  22 mpg just doesn't cut it.

I just came from the second full run we've done of the show I'm in rehearsals for.  We open in two weeks and I think we'll be ready.  At the end we did press shots and we got to eat cream puffs.  The show is about a girl with an eating disorder (played by me), which is why the cream puffs had relevance to the photo shoot.  I like that we got to eat them for real when the photo is all about me distancing myself from food.

Right now S. is about to begin his last performance of the show he's in.  I'm so proud of him.  He's done really well.  Of course I may be a bit biased - but he is a really talented actor and it makes my heart do a little dance to see him do what he loves to do, and do it so well.

It's spring here - the frogs are singing loudly, the ducks and geese are (probably) eating them with satisfaction, and I'm putting my roses outside for a few hours a day so they can get used to the breeze - and hopefully the bugs that have been slowly killing them will go away and find some hardier wild plant to infest.

Top that all off with a visit from L., and I'm having a pretty darn good day.

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hey big sis, i may have something to help with your fuel worries....

call me sometime...

Big brother