Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The porcupine looked up, his confused little face all bunched up against the bright lights of my car.

Car: Thunk.

Me: Oh no! Oh no!

T.: [starts moaning softly in the seat beside me]

A.: [begins laughing in the back seat]

Me: I've never killed an animal with my car before!

[We go back to look for the poor little thing but can find neither hide nor hair nor quill, so we conclude that since I only hit it with my bumper and I'd slowed down a lot, that I only gave it a small concussion and it went on it's way, hopefully wiser for the experience.]


Whispering Heart said...

Not true. you got that rabbit good on our way home frommusic lessons a few years back (like 5 or more i guess)

~eldest Brother

Pru said...

I had blocked that from my memory - thanks for bringing that scarring memory back up again...