Friday, July 31, 2009

Noise, Hippies, Noisy Hippies

That is what this weekend is here in the bustling metropolis of Wells. The town has been taken over by 'artists' who boggle my mind - they are the stereotype of hippies! Wandering about, bumming things off people, asking to use your bathroom or shower, camping on our lawn in their's insane.

Oh, and a lot of them are half-naked. Not pretty half-naked either.

And they play bongo drums late at night outside our window. And sing weird hippy songs all over the place. And there are going to be loud metal concerts at midnight (and later) at the Community Hall next to our house.

Remind me never to live next to a Community Hall ever, ever again.

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Hope said...

The first house we lived in in I.H> was kitty corner from the arena. Saturday nights were usually loud, sounding right outside our window.