Tuesday, August 18, 2009


we fight
we bicker and squabble and pull and twist
for control
of ourselves and each other


isn't what love is about
is it?

i can't let go
not without a fight

but i don't want control
i'm just afraid
afraid of what will happen when i let go
let go
no control


it's all new.

we learn
we live

we let go

those moments sustain
keep me hoping
knowing that the struggle for freedom
is worth it
in the end.

1 comment:

Duckie23 said...

I read this somewhere.. and I'm not sure exactly how it's quoted but it was along the lines of.. "we only fight with/hurt the ones we love, because we know they will forgive us." Funny isn't it? Ever since I saw that I promised to quit fighting with my love (as much as I can! Sometimes it can't be helped!) But no more saying things just to spite or hurt him, and nothing intentional, it just hurts him. And it's true, I only did it just to say what was on my mind, because I knew he'd get over it because he loved me.

That was a turning point. What was the point then? I found that if I say what I want without fighting (I have to promise him that I just need to say it, not to fight about it. That I just want to talk about it, not fight) that things go smoother. But of course there are always a million other factors, like stress!

Also flip side. I know he'll love me no matter what.

Also, I know that your family is sure head-strong! A good quality I think. Although sometimes it does get you into trouble (haha).

Love you!