Thursday, March 29, 2012


I realized yesterday afternoon that I completely forgot to write on Monday like I had promised.  Apologies.

Forgetting things is something I am sadly very good at.  I forget where I put my phone, my keys, my purse, the lip balm, gift cards, you name it and I can forget where it was last put down.  I also forget to do things I said I'd do - laundry, dishes, or pretty much any other kind of household task or errand will slip my mind as though it had never been.

S. groans over my apparent sieve of a brain and the fact that I put everything into my phone but quite frankly, I can't afford to forget everything that I would forget if I didn't have little reminders for myself.

Reminders aren't always available and what do you think happens?  I'll tell you.  Yesterday I spent 40 minutes looking for an allen wrench key at work and never did find it.  We use it to unlock the bars on the doors so they can just be pushed open instead of requiring effort.  The door can be unlocked without the allen wrench, and even then we have a spare but it still niggles at my brain.  Where the hell did it go?

I might never remember.

Or I might remember out of the blue in three days, like I remembered to write here.  In three days it'll be my weekend so there will be precious little I can do about it but at least I'll know where the damn thing went.

So you can see why, for me, better late than never is a really, really apt saying.

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