Monday, March 05, 2012

Hello Again

Well, I haven't posted since November.

I've been working on other projects, which is poor comfort for anyone who has come here looking for fresh new words.  But I have been writing which is much comfort for my soul, as well as for anyone who has to spend any time with me.

I am planning on being more regular with my posts - as in, once a week instead of once every six months.  I might start with one a month, or every couple of weeks, but I promise I'll work up to once a week.

Once a day just isn't going to happen though.

I just sorted through a year's worth of paper on my desk (fortunately for me, it was this year's worth so only a few months, haha) and found all kinds of journals scribbled on yellow legal paper, journals I write while at work.  Most of them are about the various parents I'm watching and judging.  Some of the regular parents who come by are jewels, and so are their children.  I don't mean they behave all the time - but when they do misbehave, their parents actually follow through on whatever consequence has been promised.

The parents I judge harshly can't get their progeny's attention even after (or probably because of) repeating their name twenty times.  They say they're leaving in five minutes and wind up staying two hours (with five minute warnings throughout).  The kid throws a tantrum and the parent threatens, and the kid gets their way.  I really don't like those parents, but on the plus side they are showing me what not to do in the event that I ever have children.

I want to be a jewel parent, not a "dear Lord in Heaven, here come those people again" parent.

If I look at Z. I'm afraid I'm somewhere in the middle.  But at least right now she's being quiet...because we gave her a pizzle, aka dog candy.  Sigh.  We totally bribe her to be good.  At least we're aware of what we're doing.

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