Monday, May 21, 2012

Shit, Shit, Shit!

Whoops!  I totally forgot to post anything on here last week.


I've been busy?  Is that a valid excuse?

No.  Years ago I decided to stop making excuses.  I still make them, but I am more aware of it now when I do and I (usually) stop and make myself take responsibility for whatever it is I'm making excuses for.  The honest answer here is that I forgot.

I have been busy though.  We just finished training the seasonal staff and getting things underway; I've been putting in longer days just to try to get everything done.  It seems like I just get caught up and then new things need doing.  Isn't that how life is though?  I guess I shouldn't have expected to 'catch up'.  And then I'm in rehearsals (which started the same weekend as seasonal training...yeah, didn't think that one through).  And then Diablo III came out.  So yeah.  I've been busy.

I've also been doing The Artist's Way.  I've owned the book for years and now I'm finally reading it.  And doing most of the exercises.  I didn't do morning pages every day though.  I think I need to do afternoon pages, because morning is busy and there is really no way I'm getting up an extra half-hour early to write gibberish on three pages a day.  Not long hand.  Not with my cramping wrists.  So I think I'll wind up doing mine in the afternoon, which I hope is allowed because it just fits my schedule better.

If it isn't I guess I'll never know, unless Julia Cameron notices this post and informs me in the comments that it just isn't kosher to do them in the afternoon.

Oh, I also got a working spinning wheel.  I'm still figuring it out - it's amazing how much you can forget in 10 years.


I'm going to stop now...and probably go play Diablo III.  Priorities, you know.

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