Friday, May 19, 2006

La la la la la, la la la...

Tonight as I write upstairs in the office I have a tune from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in my head. The lyrics are, as you may have guessed, "La la la la la, la la la..." ad infinitem. At least, it seems that way since they are stuck in my cranium with little hope of escaping or replacing themselves with something different.

I suppose that is my fault, for choosing to be involved in a musical where there are no spoken words at all. Every morning, every evening, and sometimes in my dreams, the music is present and ready to spill out in an inadvertant hum.

I have learned that I absorb music at a much faster rate than some of the people I live and work with. I had been told that, but now I have something to compare against. After hearing a piece of music three times it is almost perfectly in my head, and if I set out to learn it, I only have to hear it twice and it (almost always) will be settled in to stay. The lyrics are what takes the most effort to learn. If someone sings the wrong words, I can understand that. I do not understand how people who have heard a piece of music can sing the wrong notes.

Today I set off the alarm while entering the office. I walked in and the alarm didn't make that little beeping sound it makes when you trigger it, the sound it makes to let you know you have to disarm it, and so I kept on going. Suddenly there was noise, and I got rattled, and then couldn't turn it off, and in a panic I left the office to stand outside until the local fixer-of-all-things-broken arrived to turn it off. He thought it was very funny. I'm still a little jumpy. Someone just laughed outside and I flinched.

It is late, and I am suddenly tired. I have a full day of rehearsal tomorrow, but I feel better knowing that I have given a sign of life here.

If any of you pray, please pray for my dad. He is going for an ultrasound for potential pancreatic masses. There are people I work with who have recently lost people to pancreatic cancer, and this scares me more than I have admitted to anyone. I do not want to lose my dad. Not yet.


hobo said...

You aren't losing your dad. I'll always be around for you, and hopefully in person. Love you lots.

troll said...

sometimes putting the words into the ether, hoping that someone will read them is enough ...... sometimes someone does read them, and it is enough ........

sometimes u have to tell someone ..... a friend is best, but sometimes anyone is preferrable to holding it inside .....