Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cant Spel, Need Mor Zzzzzs

I feel like crap.

I've been sick all day - not super sick, but light-headed, heart-racing-with-activity, headache, achy joints, hours of extra napping sick.

So I guess that's kinda super sick, just no puking or anything.

I wish Z. could understand why I'm not a ball of playful energy right now.  Instead, she's doing what she usually does when she feels ignored.  She's trying to remove the cushion from the couch (it's more of a love seat, really, and has one large cushion) and failing that she'll try to rip a hole in it.  Which I just spelled 'whole'.

I can't spell worth a damn when I'm under the weather.

Which yes, I almost spelled 'whether'.

I think I need another nap.

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