Friday, January 11, 2013

Z's New Year's Diet

I'm not sure what to write today.

Z. is trying to eat bubble wrap from the box my new camera came in.  What a strange dog.  Must be her New Year's Resolution - "eat many strange and wonderful things."  She's got cotton batting, crack-pup fabric, tree bark, and a bean checked off that list already.

Like she needed another flatulence source.  I'm going to regret giving her that bean, I just know it.

But at least she isn't trying to eat my books.

Oh - spoke too soon.  (She literally went for the books as soon as I finished that sentence.)

On another subject, isn't this dress cute?  I kind of want to go to that shop with my bridesmaids and tell them to find something in my colour scheme.  Actually, I kind of want to go to that shop and just buy myself that dress.

Maybe another time.

For now I'll content myself with looking and then going and stopping Z. from eating a cardboard box.

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